The Safety 4 Life Foundation creates impactful educational programs designed to change dangerous behavior on and off the road. Our inspirational experiences act as a guide for children and families to make positive choices that save lives.

Our Goal is to Educate on Our 4 Elements

with the result being a grassroots movement that spreads accurate information and creates a safe environment for all.

Internet Safety

Law Enforcement Interaction

Human Trafficking

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Click on photos to see all of the recent Safety 4 Life Programs in schools and across the community that include assemblies, safety fairs, workshops, crash reenactments and ambassador projects.

This dramatic presentation was designed to remind teens to make the right choices behind the wheel. It contains graphic images as it recreates a car crash in an effort to enforce traffic laws and keep the driver, their passengers, and everyone who shares the road safer.

Community Service Opportunities for Students

Our mission is to save lives with impactful education. Your mission is to advance the safety message for yourself and your classmates. 

How can you advance the safety message? Contact us to learn more about the community service opportunities, including our Student Ambassador Program.

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