Welcome Safety 4 Life Parents!

By developing creative activities to promote our elements such as becoming a morning announcement reporter, a videographer, a writer for the school paper, or a social media writer, your student will develop skills to prepare them for a rewarding career later in life.

Learn more about Student Community Service opportunities.

Our goal at Safety 4 Life is the same as yours, to get your child through the teen years without injury or incident. We understand that being a parent is nerve racking and at times it can be a challenge and that's where we would like to assist.

We all know that risky behavior takes one down a slippery slope, some may get away with mistakes while others suffer at the first encounter. Review the Safety 4 Life Tips for students in each of our 4 elements of concentration, and praise your teen when they use the tips in real time scenarios.


Ice breakers and opening the lines of communication give you the opportunity to express your values and expectations. Emotion is the enemy during this time, you want to validate feelings but most importantly, LISTEN! Start the conversation by turning statements (especially those that begin with DON”T) into questions. Here are some suggestions to begin: 

Warning! The answers may surprise you but please try not to react!

  1. What would you change at your school if you were in charge?
  2. Is your guidance counselor a good resource for students who need help?
  3. After you graduate, what would you like to be known for?
  4. Why do you think people cheat?
  5. Do you think if cell phones were allowed in class that people would cheat more?
  6. How would you feel if someone said something untrue or mean about you?
  7. Do you think it is okay to say something mean and then delete it online? 
  8. If it was anonymous would you report a bully?
  9. If you had to give your name would you report a bully?
  10. If someone texts while driving and hurts someone what punishment do you think they should receive?
  11. Should the consequences for texting while driving be the same as drinking while driving? 
  12. Should the consequences for smoking or taking marijuana be the same as drinking and driving?
  13. What is the name of that new app?
  14. Do you like live chat rooms? ******
  15. Watching Fast & Furious was fun. Do you think it is okay to speed on empty roads?
  16. Can you believe that wearing a seat belt wasn’t the law when I started driving?
  17. Did I ever tell you about the mistake I made when I first started driving?
  18. Did I ever tell you about my friend who drank and drove a bunch of our friends?
  19. I must remember to change my login code and password on my phone. Do you do that from time to time?
  20. Sometimes something small can turn into a big problem, social media drama happens with my friends too. Did you ever wish you didn’t post something?
  21. Do you think that when you delete something online that it goes away forever? 
  22. Have any of your friends posted a picture that you found embarrassing?
  23. I watched a movie about a boy who got back at a girl who broke up with him by posting naked pictures of her. Have you heard of anyone doing that?
  24. Do you think someone is always kidnapped before a human trafficking situation?

As a parent, talking through your fears in a non-threatening way, like asking questions, will benefit both you and your child. 

**** If your child said yes to question # 14, take a deep breath and wait a few minutes and then ask calmly to see their cell phone and computer. Explain the dangers associated with live chat rooms and how in certain circumstances this has led to unhealthy relationships and human trafficking. Explain how online predators will take advantage of the personal information that you share and harass you online or harm you if you meet in person. 

While you have their devices check for the following:

The most dangerous apps for teens 2021 (according to FamiSafe and Forbes)

  1. Houseparty
  2. Ask.FM
  3. Kik
  4. Snapchat
  5. MeetMe
  6. Blendr
  7. Instagram
  8. Vine
  9. Whatsapp
  10. Whisper
  11. Tinder
  12. Monkey Run

It is more difficult to limit device time or monitor your child’s web and social media relationships as they age, but it is vitally important to create a family agreement when these items are purchased. 

For our Safety 4 Life Student Ambassador program we are seeking teens who share our exuberance for life while remaining safe. They will be the students who recruit a committee of service oriented, empathetic and inclusive teens. We will fortify them with a recipe of solutions to navigate through the issues that teens face today. This will be a start to some students' community service career, and a way for others to expand their civic minded goals. Encourage your student to participate in this program or other Safety 4 Life community service options. By developing creative activities to promote our elements such as becoming a morning announcement reporter, a videographer, a social media writer, and more, your student will develop skills to prepare them for a hugely rewarding career later that has the potential to save lives.

We chose the 4 elements that we are concentrating on, road safety, internet safety, human trafficking and safe law enforcement interactions because truthful information and education can save lives.