Law Enforcement Interaction 1
Law Enforcement Interaction 2

Law Enforcement Interaction

6 Tips for Safe Law Enforcement Interactions

  1. No Distractions – Stay in the moment and drive so small mistakes will not be a cause to get pulled over.
  2. Stop when asked.
  3. Be calm and respectful, this one holds true for both the driver and the officer.
  4. Don’t make sudden moves, you want to get home safely and so does the officer. Communication is key and if you need to reach for paperwork or your cell phone say what you are doing and wait for a response.
  5. Have your license, registration and insurance information all ready if you get pulled over.  
  6. You can limit your exposure to a traffic stop if you and your vehicle obey all traffic laws. Make certain all lights are functional, your window tints aren’t too dark, and your tags are up to date.