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Road Safety

Tips for New Drivers

  1. Follow all traffic rules. The reason the driving exam includes both a road test and a written one is so you will be prepared when faced with anything and everything on the road.
  2. Watch for the posted speed limit. Speeding and distractions are the leading factors in fatal crashes involving young drivers. Traffic citations take a long time to write, so if you get pulled over your trip will take a lot longer to complete.
  3. Keep your car in good running shape. Take care of your car and it will take care of you. Good Maintenance can help you avoid breakdowns and other potential accidents.
  4. Wear your seat belt and make sure your passengers wear theirs, too. In fatal car accidents, more than half of teens (56%) were found to have been unbuckled. In Florida, citations are written for every car passenger who is unbuckled so your citation will be larger than you can imagine.
  5. Distractions are back for this reminder to always keep your eyes on the road. That means no texting, no calling, no eating, no changing music and no turning around to chat with anyone in your vehicle, this includes your dog.
  6. Adjust your settings before leaving the driveway or parking space. This includes all mirrors, your seat setting, the climate control, navigation system and your entertainment.
  7. Pay attention to staying a car-length away from other vehicles. Following too closely is one of the leading causes of rear-end accidents and the deadliest for motorcycle riders who share the road.
  8. Prepare ahead in case of accidents, breakdowns or other emergencies, your car should always contain important driving documents and an emergency kit with everything you will need. Change these items with each season to be ready for any driving conditions in your area.
  9. Impaired driving involves more than alcohol consumption. Check your prescriptions to make certain that it is okay to drive while taking them. Always get enough sleep because drowsy driving is also impairing you from being alert and ready to drive. Alcohol and drugs including marijuana are still the leading cause of impaired crashes so always have a designated driver or call a car service if you are engaging in any of these.
  10. Following the rules of the road and using common sense while behind the wheel will keep you, your friends, family and everyone you share the road with safe. Let’s make this a united effort to do the right thing!