About Us

The Safety 4 Life Foundation was created in a year like no other, when the need for impactful safety programs has never been greater! Internet safety and human trafficking became critical subjects to address because our students were attached to their electronic devices prior to the pandemic, but remote learning took this to the next level. These circumstances made many susceptible to predators which can lead to a human trafficking situation. The unrest as a result of law enforcement related tragedies made creating peaceful interactions and offering solutions to the public and the police a priority. And the road safety crisis continues on for everyone who shares the road, especially our young and most vulnerable.

Safety 4 Life provides assemblies, safety fairs, on-line information, and events for students and their families. Our dynamic speakers bring real life scenarios to the audience and eliminate any confusion associated with the dangerous subjects being presented. Opportunities for community service are available along with our Student Ambassador program which gives students an introduction into a civic mindset while keeping themselves and their peers safe.

Safety4Life Members

Our Advisory Board

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Our Board of Directors

Brian Labovick

Chairman of the Board

Brian LaBovick is a partner in the LaBovick Law Group, an author, and entrepreneur. He is an advisory board member of Keiser University’s legal education division, a past president of the North Palm Beach County Bar Association, and former director of the Palm Beach County Justice Association. He is passionate about community and childhood safety and is an electrifying public speaker when speaking to groups about the law and injury prevention. Brian created the idea for the Safety 4 Life Foundation along with Esther LaBovick and Tara Applebaum and has been committed to the organization’s mission and values since it was established.

Esther LaBovick

Chief Executive Officer

Esther LaBovick is a partner in the LaBovick Law Group, a mid-sized firm of Civil Justice prosecutors who handle plaintiff personal injury, workers compensation, social security benefit and PIP insurance disputes. Esther’s commitment to giving back makes her the driving force behind her law firm’s outreach efforts. She has been a part of the Safety 4 Life Board since it began two years ago and has served on other boards including PACE Center for Girls, Mary’s Memorial Giving Fund, The Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County, Florida Association of Women Lawyers, and is a member of Impact Palm Beach, 100 Women Who Care, and the Junior League. Esther is the past president of the South Florida Science Museum, STOP! Childrens Cancer, and is the President of Hispanos Unidos, Inc.

Tara Applebaum


Executive Director

Tara Applebaum is the Executive Director of the Safety 4 Life Foundation. After years of working as a road safety advocate she collaborated with Esther and Brian LaBovick and came up with the concept of the 4 elements that are most important to address for safe teens. Before Safety 4 Life was established two years ago, Tara worked as the Vision Zero Coordinator for the City of West Palm Beach and was the Executive Director of another not-for-profit foundation. She is a part of many advisory boards across the state of Florida including the Safety Council and Safe Kids. Creating a movement for positive peer influence to make safety fun while reinforcing the dangers of poor decision making is her professional and personal mission.

John Boler, one of the board members



John Bolen is the owner of A Treasure Coast Driving School, one of the state of Florida’s most respected private driving schools. He is the past board member and Executive Vice President of the Driving Schools Association of the Americas. John is a former Martin County public school teacher and coach where he worked for thirty years. He uses his professional network to connect the organization with other safety professionals and stakeholders. As a recent addition to our board of directors, John immediately offered us valuable insights and has helped set long-term goals.

Paula Sabalain



Paula Sabalain is the Chief Marketing Officer of the LaBovick Law Group. Paula’s strategic thinking and creative marketing abilities make her contribution to the Safety 4 Life Foundation very valuable. She has played a crucial role in guiding and supporting the organization since its inception and her ability to infuse creativity with compelling campaigns has made a lasting impact on the effectiveness of our safety initiatives.