Safety 4 Life Foundation Testimonials

“It has been a pleasure to work with the Safety 4 Life Foundation on the Student Ambassador Program. The Guest Speakers, Workshops, Safety Fairs and Online Information has provided teen empowerment through education. These educational opportunities will keep our teens safe resulting in a safer Florida.

Learning about the 4 Elements of Safety 4 Life- Road Safety, Internet Safety, Law Enforcement Interaction, and Human Trafficking has helped students change their thinking and behavior to make wise decisions that could save lives.

The Student Ambassador Club at Cardinal Newman High School continually trains on ways to make positive choices so they can use their knowledge to help educate others about safety issues. The students have many opportunities to earn service hours while participating in these programs in-person and online. The Safety 4 Life staff and their safety partners have been very helpful in assisting our students, providing invaluable information to prevent, recognize and respond to unhealthy situations. This information will help create a safer environment for all.”

Jay Lower, Faculty/Sponsor, Cardinal Newman High School

“The Safety 4 Life Foundation makes a difference for our youth, our communities, and everyone’s well-being. Being a part of their advisory board has expanded my network and assisted my business in many ways. It is an honor to be involved with such a great organization.”

John Bolen, President, A Treasure Coast Driving School

“As President of HSS Florida, I look for opportunities to collaborate with local community partners in ways to promote the HSS brand and mission. Safety 4 Life has been a great relationship for HSS by providing opportunities to advance our mission of getting people back to what they need and love to do! We have had the opportunity to interact with thousands of students from Palm Beach County to discuss orthopedics and sports safety and be a part of the important mission of the team at Safety 4 Life. 

We have advanced our brand through participation on their Advisory Committee, received branding exposure, digital marketing, and the opportunity to reach families through community events and promotional information with items students bring home. Most importantly, we have been a part of the movement to keep teens and our community safe through the lifesaving programs and events provided by Safety 4 Life.”

Michael Enriquez, President, HSS Florida

“It is our distinct pleasure to partner with the Safety 4 Life Foundation. As a law-enforcement officer, Safety 4 Life brings school-aged children and law enforcement together by allowing us to speak with and work with them on traffic safety. Many teenagers today view law enforcement negatively but working with us along with Safety 4 Life allows them to see that we genuinely care about our communities. 

Beyond working with the children, Safety 4 Life brings together many safety-minded
organizations with a vested interest in a safer community. This collaboration allows us to build partnerships and bridge the gap between safety-related issues that are often overlooked.

Safety 4 Life hosts many events and re-creations, including DUI, traffic fatalities, distracted driving, school assemblies, static displays, and so much more. When we as a community work together for the safety of our children, the possibilities are endless. Safety 4 Life goes above and beyond to educate our community about traffic safety.”

Lt. Ryan Mugridge, PBSO

Student Ambassador Testimonials

“Joining the Safety 4 Life Foundation as a Student Ambassador has several benefits such as opportunities to make a difference; skill development; professional development; networking; recognition; and community service. As an ambassador you have many leadership opportunities as you gain experience and demonstrate your commitment to the safety cause, you are given opportunities to take on leadership roles within the S4L Foundation and in your community. 

Overall, becoming a Student Ambassador for the Safety 4 Life Foundation provides valuable experiences, skills, and opportunities helps teens positively impact the world around you.”

Alexander Aguayo

“Working with Safety 4 Life has enabled me to meet many new people while influencing teens in my school and community positively. All of which I had fun doing since the S4L is such a good environment is such a good environment to learn and grow. I owe a lot to the foundation as it allowed me to develop my leadership skills and helped me stand out to colleges.”

Angelina Flores

“Being a Safety 4 Life Ambassador is an amazing way to open yourself up to new and exciting experiences while getting community service hours. I’ve loved my time being part of S4L because of the opportunities that I’ve had access to and the wonderful people I have met! I’ve learned so much while being part of the foundation. The most important thing that I learned was the value of sharing the message of safety with others.”

Leah Lascano

“Being a Safety 4 Life ambassador has had a profound impact on my life. I can’t express how thankful and blessed I am to have met all of these amazing people. Safety 4 Life is an all-around enjoyable and thrilling experience, from community events to the Google meets, to our celebrations. There’s never a dull moment when you’re with other ambassadors. 

My time with Safety 4 Life hasn’t ended even though my high school years have. I plan on continuing my journey with Safety 4 Life and helping others stay safe. I have and always will have a special place in my heart for Safety 4 Life.”

Melany Cerrato