[Podcast] Safety 4 Life Foundation with Brian LaBovick

From the Education on Fire website:

Brian LaBovick is the CEO and Founder of LaBovick Law Group in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

What most excites Brian these days is ‘Safety 4 Life Foundation’ – his foundation focused on improving youth’s safety regarding the road, the internet, the police, and human trafficking.

The Safety 4 Life Foundation creates impactful educational programs designed to change dangerous behavior on and off the road. Their inspirational experiences act as a guide for children and families to make positive choices that save lives.

The Safety 4 Life Foundation was created in a year like no other, when the need for impactful safety programs has never been greater! Internet safety and human trafficking became critical subjects to address because our students were attached to their electronic devices prior to the pandemic, but remote learning took this to the next level. These circumstances made many susceptible to predators which can lead to a human trafficking situation. The unrest as a result of law enforcement related tragedies made creating peaceful interactions and offering solutions to the public and the police a priority. And the road safety crisis continues on for everyone who shares the road, especially our young and most vulnerable.

Safety 4 Life provides assemblies, safety fairs, on-line information, and events for students and their families. Our dynamic speakers bring real life scenarios to the audience and eliminate any confusion associated with the dangerous subjects being presented. Opportunities for community service are available along with our Student Ambassador program which gives students an introduction into a civic mindset while keeping themselves and their peers safe.

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