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Over 40,500 teens have taken part in Safety 4 Life experiences in the forms of student assemblies, crash reenactments, workshops, safety fairs, conventions, and community events. More have participated in virtual events including our 620 student ambassadors who hold bi-monthly virtual meetings.

The Safety 4 Life Foundation is a not-for-profit teen empowerment organization promoting these four primary pillars of safety:

Road Safety

Internet Safety

Law Enforcement Interaction

Human Trafficking

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Sponsorship Levels

Safety Super Hero Sponsorship - $20,000

This level of sponsorship includes prominent recognition with premier space on the Safety 4 Life Foundation’s website and social media platforms. Numerous opportunities for brand exposure and marketing in schools andcommunity programs and exclusive VIP access to events. Participation in public service announcements, newsletters and videos. Multiple speaking opportunities during in-person and virtual meetings, programs, and videos. As we empower and engage teens through our student ambassador program your generosity will be noted as a key for the sustainability of this important project. Brand visibility with a younger demographic along with the ability to promote team building within your organization through Safety 4 Life Foundation volunteer opportunities.

Safety Champion Sponsorship - $10,000

This level of sponsorship offers logo and name recognition on the Safety 4 Life Foundation’s website, social media platforms. VIP access to Safety 4 Life Foundation events, activities, name placement on signs and printed materials. Opportunities to connect with the community, collaborate on promotional materials, and create a future customer base.

Safety Visionary Sponsorship - $5,000

This level of sponsorship includes website and social media recognition for your name and logo. Exposure through events, programs advertising and promotional materials.

Safety Trailblazer Sponsorship - $2,500

This level of sponsorship includes logo recognition on the website, social media platforms, and selected Safety 4 Life Foundation events and programs.

All sponsorship levels include an invitation to join our advisory board. The benefits include company visibility, and many opportunities for collaboration with our membership.

All donations are tax deductible, and we thank you in advance for your support.