Resources for Parents

Safety 4 Life wants to empower you as a parent to teach your children the important information they need to stay safe and healthy as they learn and grow.

The following resources are a great starting place.

Parent Further

Research based advice from parents and professionals to share information and tools that give parents a positive, strength based approach to parenting to make all of the little steps of everyday living add up to a successful future. All content is overseen by members of the Advisory Board for Family Strengths National Research Project and Parent Engagement. Topics include high risk behaviors, technology and media, and discipline and values.

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The website for the organization, is meant to educate teens about real world issues they care about and face every day, but it is such a useful resource, the entire family will benefit. A new campaign is launched each week to harness their youthful energy and use it toward learning about issues and contributing to positive social change. Some of the many causes include bullying and violence, animal cruelty, and discrimination.

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Get Game Smart

Designed by Microsoft to guide families toward safer, healthier video gaming and online media, Get Game Smart helps parents and kids choose the right games, content, and online access settings. Includes tips from experts as well as a blog on current video game and Internet safety topics to ensure smart media choices.

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Cyberbullying Research Center

This web site for the Cyberbullying Research Center provides information on adolescent use and misuse of technology. Parents, educators and anyone who works with children and teens will find resources from facts, statistics and personal stories of those who have been impacted, on how to  prevent and respond to online aggression.

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Common Sense Media

Created to improve kids’ and families’ lives by providing trustworthy information in the midst of the ever-growing world of media and technology. With media so often “the other parent,” the role it plays is very influential. The Common Sense Media site rates and reviews movies, games, books, music and more, providing parents with a background and summary to help them make the best choices for the family.

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On Safety

The official blog site of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission provides families with the latest safety information on topics such as childproofing, product recalls, and fire and poison prevention. On Safety is a thorough go-to guide for most any family safety issue.

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Child Safety Blog

This child safety site blogs on topics most relevant to kids today. From toys for the youngest tots to car safety, water safety, Internet, health and nutrition, it’s covered here in a user friendly, conversational tone. Posts are easy to navigate and are archived by month, providing a plentiful supply of information.

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Kid Power

Fueled by Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, the global non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of positive and practical safety skills for people of all ages. Kidpower’s site provides expert advice on types of violence affecting our families, specifically our kids, like bullying, molestation, child abuse and kidnapping.

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Healthy Children is powered by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and is backed by more than 60,000 pediatricians. A valuable source of information on the many programs, activities, guidelines, and recommended resources of AAP, this site has an entire section called Safety & Prevention, committed to helping families keep kids safe at home, at play, and on the go.

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Free Range Kids

Named for her book, Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children (Without Going Nuts with Worry), Lenore Skenazy is on a mission to fight the belief that today’s kids are in constant danger from kidnappers, germs, bugs, bullies, and everything in between that today’s parents protect them from. On the site you’ll find links to her syndicated columns, her blog and what she calls “Reassuring crime statistics” to put parents’ minds at ease.

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Safety Girl

The blog for the site, which sells safety products specifically for women, provides women with information on how to stay safe no matter what the situation. Posts range from women’s health concerns to safety gear, tools and clothing, to advice and tips.

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Family Watchdog

“Awareness is your best defense” is the mission of Family Watchdog, a free service to help locate registered sex offenders in your area. It also offers notifications to keep updated are available with a simple sign-up. In addition, the site and articles cover safety information from vehicle recalls to food allergies.

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Safety Source

Part of the National Fire Protection Agency, the Safety Source blog features news and information to reduce fire related deaths, injuries and loss of property.  The site includes resources for kids and teachers, safety tips, products, videos and an immense collection up archived blogs.

3 of our favorite blog posts from Safety Source:

Culture of Safety

Specializing in the safety of community organizations, Culture of Safety shares information and advice on activities where community members recreate such as swimming lessons, fitness classes and summer camps. Fueled by West Bend Insurance, which serves community based organizations, this site is a community safety powerhouse.

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We Make It Safer

We Make It Safer is all about bringing together consumers, manufacturers and retailers to join forces in the communication about product safety and recalls. The goal is to reduce product related injuries, illnesses, and deaths that happen every year around the world. Consumers can add their products to its account and be alerted if they are recalled. The blog keeps readers up to date on recalls and product safety issues.

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MomsRising is an organization that has grown from a few to more than a million women who wanted to make an impact on issues facing women, mothers and families. Through this blog, they introduce, discuss, and spread the word about these issues, which cover things like toxics and health care issues.

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Before the Wheel

Empowering safe teen drivers with a positive approach is the goal of the Before the Wheel Teen Driving Program. Information about the community program all over the country, helpful videos and articles that give teens and their parents the strategies every family and community needs to ensure safe teen drivers who become safe adult drivers.

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