Online Human Trafficking Tips

Additional tips….

  1. Be cautious when communicating with people online, especially if they are strangers. Do not share personal information or meet in person with someone you have only met online.
  2. Be aware of the potential for traffickers to use social media, dating apps, and other online platforms to recruit and exploit victims.
  3. Be skeptical of online job or business opportunities that sound too good to be true, as they may be a trap for trafficking.
  4. Be aware of the potential for traffickers to use the internet to advertise and sell victims for sex.
  5. Report any suspicious activity or ads on online platforms that you believe may be related to human trafficking.
  6. Be vigilant of the information you share on social media and be mindful of your privacy settings.
  7. Do not engage with any suspicious or unsolicited messages or links, they may contain malware or phishing attempts.

Created by Ambassador Melany

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