The summer of safety begins now! The elements of road and internet safety are more important during summer break than any other time of the year and we need your help!

The Safety 4 Life Foundation offers community service hours for the following:

Project 1– Create 20 second videos that will have a positive impact on your peers:

2 videos about preventing car crashes- topics can include distracted driving; impaired driving; drowsy driving; driving with too many friends in the car; or a review of driving school-driver education.

2 videos about staying safe on the internet- topics can include not sharing locations and personal information; online bullying; privacy settings; create strong passwords; the risks of the 3 c’s- content, contact, conduct; and not saying anything online that you wouldn’t say in person.

8 community service hours

Project 2– Create infographics for social media:

2 visual representations of essential internet safety practices; tips for maintaining privacy online; cyberbullying awareness & prevention strategies (include how to report abusive behavior).

2 visual representations of statistics on teen driving crashes; importance of defensive driving; steps for handling adverse situations, like weather or aggressive drivers.

2 comparative infographics show a side- by- side comparison of safe driving practices vs safe internet habits, showing the parallels between being a responsible driver and being safe online. show pictures of making poor decisions, crashes/injuries on the road and/or cyberbullying, identity theft online.

12 community service hours

Project 3– Show us your talent: 

We know that everyone has unique talents and we are inviting you to showcase yours.

This submission can focus on any of the Safety 4 Life elements- road or internet safety, safe law enforcement interactions, or human trafficking awareness. get creative while spreading an important message.

Write a song, make a dramatic video/play, sing, dance, create something artistic (posters, graphics, t-shirt designs), or something else you would like to share. 

5-10 community service hours (for number of entries & length of submission)

Share your creations with your network to maximize the reach and impact for additional hours. Thank you for working with us and helping to make our community safer for everyone! 

Submit Your Community Service to Safety 4 Life